PlayFair Playing Cards

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The words from designer, Kei Izumi:

I have been using ordinary Bicycle brand decks of cards (called Rider Back), but I?m a person who gets tired of things very fast. I soon discovered that the simpler the design of the cards, the longer I would use them.

So I had decided to make the deck of cards by myself. I started designing playing cards that I really want to use.

Today I will introduce the playing cards called Play Fair.

The Design:

Play Fair comes with a design that cardsharks love and, just like magicians, will use it for a long time. For that reason the back design is in very simple.

Beautifully solid color like NOC; nicely sophisticated design like Wynn and Ace Fulton?s. You might feel it looks too simple, but the plain design makes the cards perfect for both formal and informal types of shows.