Limited Edition Blades Blood Metal Deck by Handlordz, LLC

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This could possibly be the most bad-ass deck ever made! This collector's version of the Blood deck features dual foil embossed tucks, and silver gilded edges. No photos can do this deck justice! The foil tucks are simple incredible to hold as the light dances around the box reflecting surfaces. The Silver gilded edges of the cards themselves are also highly reflective and make them stand out from every other deck in your collection. There will be less than 4000 of these incredible decks sold! Don't miss your chance on owning one of the most amazing looking decks ever created!

*Note - this deck was designed for collecting purposes, however if you intend to use them for poker or other uses, then allow 30 - 45 minutes breaking in time. This deck is one of the first ever to use this particular stock and finish combination with gilding printed by the USPC. The stock and finish is the same as the other high quality Blades. The gilding process is applied last and will cause the cards to stick and clump very badly in the beginning. They must be broken apart and worked in through shuffles and other handling before they will perform. Once broken in, these cards in our opinion handle exceptionally well for a gilded deck. However these are not intended for manipulation. If it's performance that you are looking for, we highly recommend the "Blood Edition" which is designed for this purpose.

The Blood Metal Edition is definitely one of the most beautiful and unusual decks on the market and a MUST for card collectors and card lovers.